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26 September 2010 @ 09:30 am
Who would thought things like this would happen? Try to fall asleep but then wake up while breathing heavily because of a person's face keeps coming in your mind. It makes me so confused, I have no idea what in hell what to do. All I have to say it's rather annoying and I wish for it to stop. Who it is you may ask? I'm not telling so nah nah. But it's rather annoying, since now instead of one person in your thoughts it's two. It's very very annoying.

And Naruto! You get your butt to my house! You have a place to stay here you little runt! I don't want you to sleep in the outdoors anymore! Plus you need a shower you stink! And some new clothes, how long as you been wearing those? And don't start complaining, you know I'm right! And as a friend I should take care of you, wouldn't you rather live some where nice then outside? What on earth are you going to do when it turns winter? So just think about it alright?

Well other then that work has been pretty good, things are going nicely, well other then those dreams but they don't count.

Now if I could just wish on a falling star and make my dreams come true..
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22 September 2010 @ 09:43 am
So where is the excitement in this place? Things been going down hill for a long time and this place is rather boring, where is the fun?

Work is work, it's been fine but that's all that really matters, it's not like I'm asking for a stupid boyfriend (since who in hell would be interested in me?)

I'm just a girl who is looking for more fun in her life, since this place been so boring of late...yes I have been working late at work but since I'm no longer working nights it would be nice to have something else to do then studying every night. There is only so much of that studying I can do before I feel like throwing it up against the wall..

So I'm just looking for fun, I doubt that would even happen..like I said, who would want to do something fun with me?

Heh..this place is rather annoying at times.. why is this place so boring..come on people give me SOME reason to say this town isn't boring..
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10 September 2010 @ 03:24 pm
The leaves look like they are about to turn colors, this place is so sweet with the warm but welcome breeze that come in the village. I'm glad that something seems to be peaceful in the village.

Things are finally going well for me, since they was short on staff so I was able to get my job faster then I thought I would. The staff are so friendly, they don't care if I'm the head nurse or not but they are so sweet. They call me Sakura-san and Sakura-chan which makes me smile. It makes me feel much better with myself since I was so down, so down I started to drink Sake when I told myself I wouldn't do. So I won't touch that stuff anymore since I'm so happy. Unless there is a party or someone asks me if they want to go out drinking then I would do that.

But I'm so glad that I got out of the job I had before, the people at the bar was nice..but I'm glad that I'm away from that girl who wouldn't leave me alone, she touched my breasts! I slapped her in the face, and she said the only reason she was flirting with me was to try to make me happy and she thought I was Bi, I told her I wasn't! I'm straight! All she did was laugh and told me she didn't believe me since she never seen me with a guy in the entire village.

But it's not my fault that I don't have a guy in my life! It's none of her concern..I don't even know what it's like to be in a relationship with anyone. Even through the nurses I work with say I would be cute with any guy out there since I'm so pretty and they love my hair..jeez some girls are so silly when they are asking for advice from me since I'm from a different place. They know I am since it was a security risk so my boss introduced me to everyone and said everything there was to know about me in the work force.

So I am no longer homeless, there was a kind person I worked with decided to pay my rent that I owned, I'm so in debt with her since she is so nice.

If anyone wishes to talk to me (like anyone does) I'm at work, or I often find myself sitting in the bench in the village while letting the wind hit my body while twirling a leave that I have in my hand with a smile on my face.

It feels so nice to feel relaxed, I love the fall..
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08 September 2010 @ 06:21 pm
Live for today live for today live for today live for today, that's all the girl at my job kept telling me when she asked how I was feeling. That girl is so annoying! Why wouldn't she leave me alone? I told her what was going on and boy that was a bit mistake on my behalf, I shouldn't have told the ditsy girl about how I was feeling towards someone. All she did was laugh at me and said I was fullish, and shouldn't go towards that person. She said she saw this guy with black hair that would be perfect for me since he was so polite. I blushed a bit since I knew who she was talking about, and then she laughed at me again!

Live for today live for today live for today, she repeated to me again while she did a little dance, it made my eyebrow twitch so much. Then of course she had to say this 'If you are annoyed with men then you can always stop looking for men and go out with women, the are so much nicer and will like you more since you are a beautiful little thing' then she kissed me on the cheek! What the hell?!?!? But that's when I couldn't stand it anymore, I ended up pushing away with full force of mine which I shouldn't have done why you ask? It's because of this..

She went flying down the bar since we was close to it, hit a customer which made him spill his sake, then hit four more then at the last one she hit the guy which made him fall on the ground and broke the glass in customers hand. And the boss of course was on the floor at the time, and saw what I did. Then right on the spot the jerk fired me. I told him for two weeks that the girl was bothering the hell out of me. But he didn't listen to me, I warned him that if I hit her if she touched me it would be her own fault and not mind.

So I have no job, and the man at the Inn won't let me stay until I have money to pay for my room, so I guess I'm homeless now..and all that stupid girls fault..

So I won't have a roof over my head until I get that job from the hospital when they pay me, but I don't know where to stay at..
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07 September 2010 @ 08:47 pm
[ Private - Non Hackable Unless Your A Expert In Hacking ]Collapse )

So..I'm still not staying at my hotel room, I'm paying but I'm not staying. But I did stop there yesterday to get some clean clothes, and my outfit for work. Since I have to go back to work since my week off is gone. I decided that I would go back to work, I need the money for food, clothes, weapons, scrolls. And I used the last bit of money to get a new hair cut, it was getting a bit to long. Slightly over my shoulders so I had to get it cut. I noticed the village is more lovely at night then it is during the day, the streets still have people walking them but not as crowded like it is at day.

I guess I'm falling for the night more then during the day, but I'm still not telling my were I am, I no longer wear the clothes that I came into the village. The clothes that reminded me of home. They are hidden in a private place that I know in the Inn that's in my room. Of course I will still be staying there since I still go there every now and then to take a nap during the days but other then that I hardly use the place. Last night was the first time I went to sleep in that room, I was to tired to try to find a different place to stay...and I had a horrible headache. But it's my fault so I can't blame it on others.

But I got a letter from the Inn keeper, the lady at the hospital finally read my application and I'm now a head nurse at the hospital in the village, but even through I don't start until four weeks because of legal issues I have to keep this stupid waitress job. As much as I hate it, I guess I kinda like the extra attention I get, it keeps my mind from thinking to much. Even through older men give me their numbers..and men my age also..but that part if private..I wish not to talk about that.

So if anyone wishes to find where I am those are a few places..and if you really wish to talk to me, you can find me at someone away from the village..it's right outside of the south gate. During the day if you wish to see me..I might be at the field that is full of daisy's..that is if you wish to talk to me.

Mata Ne!
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06 September 2010 @ 08:25 pm
What am I doing here? Why do I wake up here everyday? Why can't I just be gone?

I ask myself that every day. I don't know why I am here?

I have no friends my age, no one wants to seem to be close to me..I hate this..I hate the loneliness..

I'm letting my feelings get in the way, I know that. But..I can't help it, I hate this..

If anyone wants to find me, you will have to find me..

My boss won't tell anyone I am at either so...the only way you will be able to see me if you run into me village, heh I guess I will do some things to knock out the stupid feelings out of head..

Those two aren't here so I'm not home, so this damn place is nothing like it! I thought I could make it home but I can't..
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03 September 2010 @ 10:23 am
Things have finally seemed to calm down for me, which is so great. The stress finally went away, it's so nice to feel stress free without anyone bothering you.

Dancing makes me feel so stress free, I found out that it helps a lot so when they have dancing at the bar that I went to Minato-san I go there, it's not there every night, it's like three times a week. So after studying, and training it's a good thing for a girl to do get some stress out of her body. I liked how the music is when I enter the room, and how the lights are it's very beautiful how they got the lights down low and one light that scrolls around the room with a white beam. Heh, now I've become addicted to dancing. But I can't help it, it's like a trance. So I just let it hit me and go with the flow. And that's all I have to say about that, there is nothing more to say about that since the rest is private.

If anyone feels like going dancing just tell me.

So during the week I went to Minato-san's office for the appointment I had, I thought it would be so stressful but it wasn't it went better then I thought...

He gave me something to study so it will give me something more to do when I have free time so thank you Minato-san, I will keep my promise and study hard..and not do anything without your permission.

I can't believe the Inn gave me a different room, it's way bigger then what I had before. They said it was because they need to get to my room to fix the damage that happened a couple of days ago. So now my room is bigger, I have two queen size beds in my room, a large bathroom with a huge tub and a shower that is in the other part of the bathroom I don't know why they gave me this room. I was fine with my smaller room. But beggars can't be choosers right?

I've been having nightmares about what happened before I came to this world, it makes things even crazier..I'm just glad those two aren't here then if they was there would be major trouble..but if that happens it happens I can't help it. But I'm going to stop thinking about that shit..

Anyways if anyone wants to dance, need help with anyone, or a place to stay I willing to help but if you stay with me there will be rules. I don't do things so easily so there has to be rules! Heh, I guess I'm more like my sensei then I thought. And now they have a awesome computer lab here also so I don't have to go to the internet at the coffee place where all the boys stare at me. Jeez, I guess buying this red dress was the wrong thing to do..I need more clothes..
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31 August 2010 @ 02:18 pm
I don't see the use of trying to get along with anyone at this place, everyone is so..different. I'm not sure about what to do. I hate this place, why was I brought here in the first place?? My life was great before I came to this awful place and now it's just hell.

There is nothing to do here really, I'm grateful for my job and having one friend, but things still aren't the same. Nothing will be the same will they?

I just want to know what friendship..and maybe..know..what..love feels like, this place won't hold that for me. I know it won't so why am I even trying?

Most nights I don't even sleep, I just stare out of my window. Or try new jutsu's I have been having to adjust.

Being a ghostlike in this place is rather unnerving..is there anything to do here?
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30 August 2010 @ 04:40 pm

Where's the excitement when you need some? I was so bored last night I went to the bar that Minato-san took me last night, when we went there the last time I didn't notice that they had a dance floor there. Some person asked me to dance when they saw me dancing alone, I was a bit tipsy from the sake but I told him 'yes'...then this one song came on. And boy, all I have to say is dancing is more fun dancing with some one then by yourself. A girl should have fun now and then shouldn't they? Even it if has to be by being the only one going out, I'm just sick of this place. Not evening having a friend that  is close to my age. Hai Hai, yes Miato-san we are friends but it doesn't feel the same for some reason.

I found a part-time job at a waitress in the village at a very popular restaurant, I guess they hired me because the way I should them how many things I can balance on a tray in two hands and how I look in the uniform.  The greeting to welcome guests is very lame but it's a good job, even through it's nothing I really want but it brings money in my wallet that I have hidden. They paid me up front for a week since they trusted me so much so I was able to buy some more scrolls, kunai's and a new outfit. I had to buy something, since I only had three outfits with me.

But no matter ... would it be so hard to help someone? If anyone needs help with anyone just ask me alright? I'll try my best to help anyone, it's only the I can do to keep me busy from days off from work.

And where do you meet people here? This place feels like a ghost town..and the people feel so fake.. I already got to talk to a few people but are their anyone who wish to becomes friends or something?

And I found a private place outside of the village that I love, it's filled of flowers. I can just sit out there all day and ignore everything, but it doesn't matter if I'm there or not since I'm still a stupid stranger here that no one wishes to talk to. And I found something else in the woods but that's my secret sorry people not telling what it is.
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29 August 2010 @ 10:04 am
Who knew that a training in the early morning would help the stress go away, my skill is still at top notch and I just hope no one complains that I knocked the dummy out of the ground and sent it flying in the forest. There are many there so I don't think they will miss it that much, and I hit the targets perfectly with the kunai's but it felt great just to get to training. I need to find a weapon shop to find more things, I also need to buy some more scrolls. They cost cheaper here then they do at my home so I'm very graceful for that, which means more money in my pocket since I need to buy some more clothes, I think the three outfits I brought is alright but I need more.

Minato-san it was a pleasure to spend some time with you the other day, it was nice to get out of the hotel. I actually slept well that night so thank you for the evening.

People change..I've changed, and he changed. Who would of known? Heh I'm sure you know I'm talking about you Sasuke-sama but it's nice that you are doing well and having the family you always dreamed of, that dream of yours finally came true didn't it? Heh, I knew you would end up finding someone who would be willing to help you with your troubles Sasuke-sama..she must be a nice girl. I'm glad your happy with your life with clan starting to come back. And yes I'm not just wasting my time not training, if your interested go see the training ground. I'm sure it will take some time for them to fix it, since I damaged it pretty well. But I told you I still do my training, so will you believe me now?

I wonder if there is any other things to do in this town besides the bar and the training field, I need to find the library here to look up more healing techniques...I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss Tsuande-sama, well the one that I know from my world. She always helped me with my training...and other things that I need help with. But as a  kunoichi I shouldn't show my feelings on my sleeves, but the morning air was cool enough to snap me out of my thoughts.

If anyone needs anything from me I'm willing to help since that's what a kunoichi should do, I'll be at the training grounds if anyone wishes to talk.

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