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Haruno Sakura

What a woman should want



Haruno Sakura came from a loving family, they taught her right from wrong and always told her to listen to her heart when it comes to things she wishes to do in her life. With that thought in her mind she always tended to do her best to in school to make her parents proud which they was always was since she was the only child that they could have. Haruno Sakura always did what they said with a smile on her face when she was little but when she got older things changed. You guess it was teenage hormones so basically she didn't listen to what they said like she used to, because of this they got her out of her public school she was since they thought the other teens was bad for her.

This only made Sakura angrier with her parents when they sent her to a school she dreamed about when she was little since she lost interest in it all together, and this school was different from others since they watched their students closely when it came to their school work. Slowly the teen started to adapt to her school, she started to love it. Sakura became on the deans list which made herself and her parents proud of her. With help from one of her teachers she began to practicing the art of healing which she was a natural. Since they was private lessons she became better and better at.

When the time came when the village needed help of healers she was the one the chose first because of her talents was the best of the best except for her teacher who was the official healer and the Hokage of her village. With this attack that was on her village she met (or rather the boy ran into her) Uzumaki Naruto. A small friendship struck between them, even through she knew the boy had a major crush on her Sakura didn't know if she felt the same, but she always gave the boy support with his efforts to become a better person which in fact made her past come back to her. She started to listen to her heart again which made things more simpler in her crazy life. After the attack was over the village became to rebuild slowly.

Then one random night when Naruto walked her home she couldn't stand it anymore, out of know where she quickly gave him a kiss then ran into her house so she wouldn't hear the boys response. She then avoided the boy for weeks, she didn't want nothing to do with since the kiss. But when she wanted to talk to him Sakura couldn't find him, that's when she heard that he went on a major mission and she wasn't chosen to become the healer of the group because they couldn't find her. This stuck her straight in the heart, it made her depressed since she was so disappointed that she couldn't tell the boy how she felt. After she heard that she went back to her house then went to her room, after she laid on her bed she made a promise to herself that she wouldn't keep her feelings from others, even it caused her to yell at the people to understand her she would get her word across to the people so she wouldn't make this mistake of her first love passing her by again since the moment never came up again.